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Thanks for visiting!  Glad you stopped by!  We're sure you'll find this to be the best and most complete source for Studebaker glass, rubber and related parts on the internet.  No one has a better selection and we try very hard to keep our prices fair and reasonable.  Keep in mind that what you see on our site is only a fraction of what we can offer.  We have official patterns for flat glass for Studebakers an other brands going back to the early 1930s.  If you don't see what you need here, please call or email us.  Go to "Contact Us" for our contact information.  Thanks again!  Russ  

PAYMENT NOTICE:  Our shopping cart credit card processing is still not working.  Until it's fixed, please make your payment through PayPal at account name champparts@msn.com or call us or email your phone number and we'll call you.


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