Seven Piece Grey Glass Kit for 1949-53 C Cab Pickup/Truck


All seven pieces of grey glass for 1949-53 Studebaker R-Series C-Cab pickups and trucks.  This side and back glass is NOT the very dark grey used in limos but is called 44% tint and legal for side and rear glass in all 50 states.  The windshield halves are 72%, also legal everywhere.  (For 1954's with larger back window, call or email for the 7 piece kit with this larger back)  This kit includes:  2 windshield halves, 2 vent windows, 2 door windows and rear glass.  All side and back glass is tempered, providing strength and long life.  Shipping is by UPS.  Related parts would include windshield and back glass rubber seals or full rubber kit.  Look under Pickups & Trucks> 1949-64 C-Cab Trucks for these items.

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  • Model: GK783-YTN
  • Shipping Weight: 60lbs

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